Timeline 9/22/2016 - 6/14/2018 of Our Many Heroic Efforts To Save Great Salt Lake


This section includes the final report on the National Audubon Society plus the ad hoc meetings during the sabbatical described in the following e-mail.

From: ReadingLiberally-SaltLake@johnkarls.com
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Bcc: The Approximately 150 Recipients of Our Weekly E-mail
Subject: Another John Karls Sabbatical To Write Another Book
Date: [This Is The Regular Weekly E-mail To Be Sent Pre-Dawn Sat, June 16, 2018]

Dear Friends,

Many of you will probably recall the 4/19/2014 notice 4 years ago that I would be taking a sabbatical to write a book about the materials in the third and fourth sections of http://www.ReadingLiberally-SaltLake.org entitled “Inner-City Holocaust and America’s Apartheid ‘Justice’ System (In Honor of Jonathan Kozol and In Memory of John Howard Griffin).”

The time has come to write another book (this time on the topic of “The National Audubon Society Executes Great Salt Lake Death Warrant”) and, accordingly, I will be taking another sabbatical.

Ad Hoc Meetings

As was the case 4 years ago, there may be Ad Hoc Meetings such as the 2 that occurred during that 9-month sabbatical.

If anyone would like to propose a topic for an Ad Hoc Meeting, please forward it to me and I will include it in the next Pre-Dawn Saturday E-mail (which may be irregular rather than weekly during the sabbatical if there are not a lot of proposals).

RSVP’s for the Wednesday evening 4-5 weeks after the Pre-Dawn Saturday E-mail containing the Ad Hoc Meeting proposal will be put in touch with the proposer.

If the minimum quorum for our regular meetings of 6 RSVP’s is attained, the group will have authority to issue one of our Six-Degrees-Of-Separation E-mail Campaigns. However, the normal promotional Short Quizzes, Suggested Discussion Outlines, etc., will not be provided.

Short-Fuse Campaigns

As set forth on the face of the first section of http://www.ReadingLiberally-SaltLake.org entitled “General Info and Info Re Next Meeting,” we have a Short Fuse Procedure for situations in which action would be required before the next meeting could be scheduled (for example, a governmental unit is soliciting public comments for a limited period).

In such cases, our Pre-Dawn Saturday E-mail invites all of our approximately 150 members to participate in a Short-Fuse Working Group.

This procedure will also be available during the sabbatical.

Length of the Sabbatical

The 12 participants for our 6/13/2018 meeting were curious how long the sabbatical might last.

It is noted that the 2014 sabbatical 4 years ago lasted 9 months.

However, this time the events of the final chapter of the book to be written have yet to occur.

Your friend,

John K.

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Timeline 9/22/2016 - 6/14/2018 of Our Many Heroic Efforts To Save Great Salt Lake

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As explained on the face of this Sec. 6 of our website, this section contains a Final Report on the National Audubon Society’s execution of Great Salt Lake’s DEATH WARRANT and on our Ad Hoc meetings on other subjects during the sabbatical to write a book on the DEATH WARRANT.

Sec. 7 of our website contains important documentation of the 3/31/2018 - 6/15/2018 Save-GSL denouement culminating in the 6/15/2018 de facto admission of the General Counsel of the National Audubon Society that it had “sold for 30 pieces of silver” Great Salt Lake.

On 5/10/2023, Drinking Liberally - Salt Lake announced that their weekly 5/12/2023 meeting would feature former Utah HD31 Representative Elizabeth Weight talking about her journeys around Great Salt Lake this spring - “Walking Where Water Belongs” - and how it impacts Salt Lake City and Utah as a whole.

Accordingly, this “Timeline 9/22/2016 - 6/14/2018 of Our Many Heroic Efforts To Save Great Salt Lake” was prepared as a handout in support of her presentation --

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Elizabeth Weight Biography per Wikipedia

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The following biography on Drinking Liberally’s 5/12/2022 speaker is provided by Wikipedia.

It is interesting that the legislation that produced the pending death of Great Salt Lake (please see the “Timeline 9/22/2016 - 6/14/2018 of [Reading Liberally’s] Many Heroic Efforts To Save Great Salt Lake” above) was Utah Senate Bill 113 which was signed into law by Gov. Herbert on 3/25/2017 – because 2017 was Elizabeth Weight’s first year in the Utah Legislature.

Elizabeth Weight
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Elizabeth Weight

Member of the Utah House of Representatives
from the 31st district
In office
January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2022
Preceded by Sophia M. DiCaro

Succeeded by Quinn Kotter (Redistricting)

Personal details
Political party Democratic

Residence(s) Salt Lake City, Utah

Elizabeth Weight is a Democratic politician, who was a member of the Utah State House, representing the state's 31st house district, from 2017 through 2022.[1][2]

Early life and career

Weight has a bachelor's degree in Secondary Education from Utah State University, and a Master's degree in Linguistics and Bilingual Education from the University of Utah. A trombone player, Weight was at one time an instructor and owner of the Alan Weight Music Studios.[3] Since 2015, Weight has been a teacher in the Granite School District. For a time, Weight was president of the American Federation of Teachers in the district.[4]

Political career

Weight was first elected in 2016, defeating incumbent Republican Sophia DiCaro.[5] Unlike the majority of the Utah legislature, who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Weight is a Unitarian.[6]

During the 2018 legislative session, Weight served on the Business, Economic Development and Labor Appropriations Subcommittee, the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice committee, and the Political Subdivisions Committee.[7]

Weight was reelected in November 2018 with 60.52 percent of the vote, defeating Republican Fred Johnson and United Utah Party candidate Brian L. Fabbi.[8][9] In 2018, Weight was planning legislation to require safe storage of firearms.[10] In November 2022, Republican Quinn Kotter defeated Weight by 127 votes in the newly-drawn District 26.[11]

Political Positions and Significant Legislation

LGBT Issues

In 2017, Rep. Weight sponsored legislation that would prevent parents from expelling children from their home because of the child's sexual orientation. The bill was held in committee.[12]

Native American Issues

In 2021, Rep. Weight authored a resolution that would encourage schools to change mascots that she considers racist toward Native Americans. The bill failed to pass in committee.[13] She signaled her intention to write a new bill "allow more education on the topic of retiring or removing Native imagery or symbols as mascots."[14]

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