Suggested Answers to the Fourth Short Quiz

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Suggested Answers to the Fourth Short Quiz

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Suggested Answers to the Fourth Short Quiz - Sex Trafficking WITHIN the U.S.

NB: The THIRD Short Quiz focused on INTERNATIONAL Sex Trafficking INTO the U.S. – this FOURTH Short Quiz focuses on Sex Trafficking WITHIN the U.S., what parents and grandparents need to do to protect their adolescent loved ones from being trafficked.

Question 1

Have you ever heard of the “con game” called “bait and switch”? [Please keep this question in mind as you read through this quiz.]

Answer 1

Presumably you have.

Question 2

Have you ever seen Liam Neeson’s famous movie “Taken” (2008) – as distinguished from his “Taken 2” (2012) and “Taken 3” (2014)?

Answer 2

If you haven’t, it is usually re-played at least once a month on DirectTV, and you can rent it for $3.99 on Amazon Prime.

Question 3

BTW, was the “Taken” movie franchise so popular that NBC continued it as a TV series that premiered in 2017 with Clive Standen taking the place of Liam Neeson?

Answer 3


Question 4

In the original “Taken” movie, was the daughter of Liam Neeson’s character kidnapped by International Organized Crime (Albanian Sex Traffickers, in this case) and auctioned off to “Ali, an Arab Bidder” who was suitably old, grossly overweight, etc.?

Answer 4


BTW, wasn’t Hollywood being politically INCORRECT by stereotyping an Arab as repulsive???

Question 5

Even though the kidnapping took place in Paris where the daughter of Liam Neeson’s character, accompanied only by a female school friend, were vacationing unchaperoned – is this a “textbook case” of Sex Trafficking WITHIN a country?

Answer 5

Yes. Because Organized Crime kidnapped her and then sold her WITHIN the same country.

Question 6

In other words, are the principles (irony intended) the same whether the location was Paris or an American city?

Answer 6

Yes, insofar as kidnaping and selling within the same country.

But please see Q&A-15 thru Q&A-17 re Organized Crime’s use of the victim’s comments on social media.

Question 7

Were the daughter and female school friend befriended at Charles de Gaulle airport by a seemingly-charming young Frenchman who, after striking up a conversation, suggested sharing a taxi in order to save money?

Answer 7


Question 8

Before they separated, did the seemingly-charming young Frenchman obtain the address at which the daughter and female school friend were staying?

Answer 8


Question 9

Within hours, had the daughter and female school friend been kidnapped by Albanian thugs who confined them with a multitude of other young females who had been similarly kidnapped?

Answer 9


Question 10

For the daughter, was the substitution of “Ali, the Arab” for the seemingly-charming young Frenchman (not to mention the substitution of “slavery” for “comradery”) a classic example of “bait and switch” (ref. Q-1)?

Answer 19


Question 11

BTW, did the daughter’s female school friend die while in custody of the Albanian Sex Traffickers?

Answer 11

Yes, she did not even survive long enough to be auctioned.

Question 12

But did Liam Neeson’s skills as a long-time undercover CIA agent save his daughter?

Answer 12


Question 13

What about classic Sex Trafficking WITHIN the United States?

Answer 13

Please read on.

Question 14

Does it also typically involve a seemingly-charming “heart throb” outsider who begins fawning over the victim?

Answer 14


Question 15

HOWEVER, is the victim typically identified from her social-media posts???

Answer 15


Question 16

AND LIKE THE OVERWHELMING-MAJORITY OF AMERICAN ADOLESCENTS, does the victim’s social-media posts show any doubts about her beauty, popularity, etc.?

Answer 16

Yes, it is these doubts upon which Organized Crime preys.

Question 17

And does Organized Crime’s seemingly-charming “heart throb” outsider strike up a seemingly-casual acquaintance in which his fawning features reassurances about her doubts – saying that she is the most-beautiful, most-witty, etc., person he has ever met???

Answer 17


Question 18

Does the victim usually feel shame over having been hoodwinked???

Answer 18


Question 19

Is it this shame that often, if not usually, prevents the victim from escaping and returning to her family???!!!

Answer 19


Question 20

And when she has been separated from Organized Crime’s seemingly-charming “heart throb” and sold to Organized Crime’s customer, has she been a victim of the classic “bait and switch” con game (ref. Q-1)???

Answer 20

Of course.

Question 21

Is education of our adolescents the best way to guard against their being Sex Trafficked???

Answer 21

What do you think??? Let’s discuss!!!

Question 22

Or is there a lot to be said for the ancient custom in many cultures of “arranged marriages”???

Answer 22

What do you think??? Let’s discuss!!!

Question 23

Or at least knowing the “friends” with whom your adolescent loved one is associating???

Answer 23

What do you think??? Let’s discuss!!!

Question 24

And what about the way of combatting Sex Trafficking by Organized Crime ACROSS international borders of long jail sentences for the “top dogs” rather than underlings who are themselves typically Sex Slaves who can easily be replaced??? Which means, of course, getting rid of corruption, making prosecutions a priority, effective protection of victims whose testimony is needed for prosecution, etc., etc.???

Answer 24

What do you think??? Let’s discuss!!!

Question 25

BTW, re Q-4 & Q-5, what was the reason for the claim in Q-5 that “this is a ‘textbook case’ of Sex Trafficking WITHIN a country” if, per Q-4, the Paris kidnappers were “Albanian Sex Traffickers” and the daughter was “auctioned off to ‘Ali, an Arab bidder’ who was suitably old, grossly overweight, etc.”???

Answer 25

Yes, it is a “textbook case” of Sex Trafficking WITHIN a country because Organized Crime’s actions (kidnapping and then selling the victim) take place WITHIN the same country.

Though Organized Crime’s saving on transportation costs is not the primary difference.

Nor is it the greater risk of escape because the victim does speak the local language.

The key difference has to be how the Sex Slaves are obtained by Organized Crime –

(1) INTERNATIONAL Sex Trafficking victims come almost solely from refugee camps that are formed in the wake of wars and other conflicts and that are filled with human beings who are desperate enough to escape the refugee camps that they will believe the lies of Organized Crime.

(2) While Sex Trafficking WITHIN a more fortunate country is based on preying on the normal adolescent insecurities that Organized Crime detects in the victim’s social media posts.

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