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Suggested Discussion Outline

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Suggested Discussion Outline - The United Nations “War on Sex Trafficking”

A. U.N. Framework

A-1. U.N. Convention against Transnational Organized Crime – adopted 11/15/2000.

A-1-a. Supplementing U.N. Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children – entered into force 12/25/2003.

A-1-b. Supplementing U.N. Protocol Against the Smuggling of Migrants by Land, Air and Sea – entered into force 1/28/2004.

B. Implementation by the U.S.

B-1. Implementation and enforcement is the responsibility of each U.N. member country.

B-2. In the case of the U.S., implementation began with President Clinton’s signing into law 10/28/2000 the 85-page Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act (it was renewed in 2003, 2006, 2013 and 2018).

B-3. HOWEVER, in order to receive a T-Visa, the victim must prove/admit to being a victim of a severe form of trafficking, and the victim must be a part of the prosecution of her/his trafficker.

B-4. Because of B-3, victims are often too fearful of retaliation against the victim or loved ones to do anything.

B-5. MOREOVER, we have questioned whether prosecutions are effective unless they involve significant jail time, since fines are an insignificant cost of doing business.

B-6. AND MOREOVER, we have questioned whether prosecutions against anyone OTHER THAN THE TOP DOGS are worthwhile, since their “right-hand men/women” are probably themselves slaves who can be easily replaced.

C. Continuing U.N. Efforts

C-1. The U.N. Biannual Global Reports on TRAFFICKING IN PERSONS (original emphasis).

C-2. The U.N.-produced 2017 movie entitled “Trafficked” starring Ashley Judd, Anne Archer and Elisabeth Röhm.

D. Salient Facts

D-1. There are more slaves today than ever throughout history!!!

D-2. Indeed, at least TWICE AS MANY people CURRENTLY TRAPPED in some form of slavery as were traded throughout the 350 years of the transatlantic slave industry!!!

D-3. Sex Trafficking is a LARGER business for Organized Crime than illegal drugs!!!

D-4. And LARGER than illegal guns!!!

D-5. And virtually all of the slaves come from refugee camps!!!

E. More Details

E-1. International Sex Trafficking INTO the United States - ... 554&t=1816.

E-2. Sex Trafficking WITHIN THE U.S. - ... 554&t=1821.

F. Proposed E-mail Campaign Description

Per the United Nations, the overwhelming source of slaves (most for sex but some for forced labor, organ harvesting, etc.) come from refugee camps whose residents are so desperate to escape intolerable conditions that they are willing to believe the lies of Organized Crime and “jump from the frying pan into the fire”!!!

Although refugee camps are intended to meet basic human needs for a short time, many have existed for decades.

They are usually built and run by a government, by the United Nations, or by an NGO such as the Red Cross.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Government is encouraging Multinational Companies (MNC’s) to re-locate their foreign manufacturing to countries other than China!!!

Why not be specific??? And encourage/direct the MNC’s to re-locate their foreign manufacturing from China to the refugee camps???

After all, the U.S. Government has been overseeing the exportation of American jobs for more than 25 years!!!

Isn’t it about time that the U.S. Government, in addition to trying to bring back those jobs to America, institute policies that direct those which cannot be brought back, to be located in refugee camps rather than China???

If Congress can create “Opportunity Zones” via the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017” to provide incentives to locate businesses in our inner cities and other domestic economically-distressed areas, it should be “child’s play” for all of those attorneys in Washington DC to dream up and draft a set of effective economic incentives to relocate all those American jobs that have been exported to China, if they cannot be brought back to America, to refugee camps!!!

And yes, BTW it might be necessary to “muscle” the governments in which the camps are located, etc., etc.

Please join us to discuss this proposal.


The preceding Section F contains a proposed “e-mail action campaign” that I “would give my eye teeth” to have approved.

For which our minimum quorum for adoption is 6.

The problem???

G-1. Nobody seems to think “sex trafficking” is a problem worth their attention.

G-2. The only other RSVP to date (Fri Sep 13) is George Kunath, one of my former NYC partners with whom I have had a weekly multi-hour gabfest (via Skype in recent years) for 31.5 years and counting – George was our worldwide coordinating tax partner on Mobil Oil and on a major private-equity fund.

G-3. Our weekly e-mail for 9/7/2019 contained the description of the e-mail proposal and I even “wood-shedded” our 159 members for the first time in our 13.5-year history (by using an e-mail subject of “Your Personal Opposition To The United Nations ‘War on Slavery’”) – and zero interest.*

G-4. I also attended numerous weekly meetings of our sister organization (Drinking Liberally) with the same result – zero interest.

G-5. On Sunday August 25, I “took a table” during the coffee hour at First Unitarian, a well-known “hot bed” of social activism, with the same result – zero interest.

G-6. Meanwhile, I have “wined and dined” (and in one case, “breakfasted”) quite a few long-time social-activist friends to importune them with the same result – zero interest.

G-7. Five days ago (pre-dawn Mon Sep 9), I implored a good friend (Kael Weston) who teaches locally at the university level to attend our meeting and bring along 3 of his students in order to complete our minimum quorum – no response to my e-mail so far after 5 days.

[* In the case of our own organization, it is possible that the apparent lack of interest is due to our continuing problem with major e-mail providers refusing to deliver our e-mails – please see the four postings in Section 2 of entitled “General Info Addendum” regarding their refusals even though they have effectively displaced the U.S. Postal Service which is barred by law from steaming open letters to determine which they are willing to deliver.]


Q-1. Why aren’t other Americans as shocked and appalled as I am???

Q-2. Does anyone else remember that when the American government began exporting American jobs 26 years ago via so-called “free trade” agreements such as NAFTA, the Mainstream Media featured quite a few reports about the INTOLERABLE WORKING CONDITIONS in the foreign factories that American Multi-National Companies (MNC’s) were using to manufacture the MNC’s products, to their specifications and under their supervision???

Q-3. And when that didn’t seem to sway the greed of the American public for low-priced goods, the Mainstream Media featured quite a few reports of catastrophic fires, etc., in which the foreign workers died???

Q-4. Are we that MORALLY BANKRUPT that we would prefer to “close our eyes” to what is happening to the less fortunate than give up our low-priced goods???

Q-5. And are we that MORALLY BANKRUPT that we would prefer to “close our eyes” to what is happening to the unfortunate occupants of refugee camps???

Q-6. Whatever happened to “The Golden Rule” (do onto others as you would have them do onto you) WHICH IS THE FOUNDATION OF EVERY MAJOR RELIGION (AND MOST MINOR ONES) IN THE WORLD???

Respectfully submitted,

John Karls

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