Short Quiz: NewGlobalWarmingSolutionInDangerOfBeingKilled!!!

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Short Quiz: NewGlobalWarmingSolutionInDangerOfBeingKilled!!!

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Short Quiz - Possible Global Warming Solution (Hydrogen Extraction) In Danger Of Being Killed!!!

1. What is the most altruistic reason for trying to solve Global Warming?

2. What is the most selfish reason for trying to solve Global Warming?

3. Is burning hydrogen carbon free?

4. Had Europe and California by the early 2000’s constructed a network of hydrogen refueling stations that permitted hydrogen-powered cars to travel vast distances?

5. And had several manufacturers, such as BMW, sold standard models whose engines had been tweaked to run on hydrogen? Indeed, had the BMW models been tweaked to run on either gasoline or hydrogen depending on hydrogen availability at the moment/locality?

6. However, did it appear that “The Hydrogen Highway” would ever be practical because there was at that time no economical source for vast amounts of hydrogen fuel?

7. BTW, if vast amounts of hydrogen fuel became economical, could it supply all of humanity’s needs including not only powering vehicles, homes, factories, etc., but even hydrogen-powered airplanes?

8. Did Proton Technologies (an Alberta Canada corporation) announce 8/19/2019 that it had developed AND PATENTED a way to extract hydrogen from crude oil, tar sands and bitumen coal while leaving in the ground the carbon that they contain?

9. Would the new technology be economical?

10. If economical, would the new technology threaten the value of all the YEARS of already “proved oil and gas reserves” of the world’s largest oil & gas exporters – for example, No. 1 exporter Saudi Arabia’s 69.96 years’ worth of already “proved reserves”?

11. Might Saudi Arabia be tempted to protect the value of its 69.96 years’ worth of “proved oil & gas reserves” by buying either the technology or the stock of Proton Technologies – AND KILLING THE TECHNOLOGY?

12. Even if the shareholders of Proton Technologies have led heretofore the most exemplary lives featuring impeccable morals, doesn’t “everything have its price”???

13. After all, didn’t one of Christ’s 12 Disciples (11 of whom became Saints) betray Him for “thirty pieces of silver”???

14. And didn’t Bill Lear (creator of the Lear Jet, the first successful business jet which is a familiar sight at airports around the world, and inventor of more than 100 essential devices that are still in use today, such as the airplane autopilot) spend approximately $200 million (in 2019 dollars) to develop a steam car in the late 1960’s to eliminate 99% of the particulate pollution of internal combustion engines???

15. And didn’t Bill Lear contract with the California Highway Patrol to put his steam engines into all of their patrol cars???

16. And wasn’t Bill Lear destined to make good his “guarantee” to win the Indy 500 because steam cars could be building up a head of steam during the Indy 500’s two 180-degree turns so that, coming out of the turns, their acceleration would NOT be “engine limited” like conventional race cars – but only limited by the ability of the tires to grip the racing surface???

17. Were rumors rife at the time that General Motors bought out Bill Lear’s steam-car project for an amount many times his investment – AND THEN KILLED IT???

18. Did Bill Lear ever run for U.S. President so that he was forced to release his tax returns so that we will ever know for sure whether the rumors were true???

19. If Bill Lear’s “immortality” had a price and Judas Iscariot had a price for betraying Christ, how can anyone rest assured that the Proton Technologies patents (or the Proton Technologies stock) will not be sold to a malefactor that wants to kill the technology???

20. Are our Six-Degrees-Of-Separation E-mail campaigns to American or world decision makers designed so that, with only a few computer keyboard key strokes, they can be sent by each of our members (1) to the decision maker(s), and (2) to all of the member's friends and acquaintances requesting them to do the same in an unending chain?

21. Are all 42 e-mail campaigns over our 14 years of existence posted in the Section 1 of

22. Have many of them been surprisingly effective because we have developed such a reputation that we are regularly quoted (without attribution) in the media and decision makers quickly learn about our campaigns even if there are junior interns on their staffs whose job is to trash all incoming e-mails?

23. Do we have such an e-mail campaign proposal for the current imbroglio?

24. Is there a “Patent Cooperation Treaty” (“PCT”) which has 192 country participants and which is administered by the United Nation’s World Intellectual Property Organization (“WIPO”) with headquarters in Geneva?

25. Would it be practical to direct one of our Six-Degrees-Of-Separation E-mail campaigns to TWO U.N. Officials instead of only one decision maker – in this case to the Director General of the U.N.’s WIPO and to the Under-Secretary General of the U.N. for the Environment (who also heads UNEP)?

26. Would the campaign implore the two U.N. officials (1) to seek an amendment to the Patent Cooperation Treaty to treat as void any patent issued to a malefactor who wants to kill the new technology; and (2) to encourage each of the 192 PCT member countries to amend their own country patent laws to treat as void any patent issued to a malefactor who wants to kill the new technology?

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