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Suggested Discussion Outline

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Suggested Discussion Outline - Possible Global Warming Solution (Hydrogen Extraction) In Danger Of Being Killed!!!

[NB: After Sec. A, the outline basically summarizes the Original Proposal available at ... 561&t=1834.]

A. Rationalia For Solving Global Warming

A-1. The most altruistic reason (Short Quiz Q&A-1)
A-2. The most selfish reason (Short Quiz Q&S-2)

B. Hydrogen as a Carbon-Free Fuel

B-1. Burning (oxidizing) hydrogen produces only water (2H2 + O2 > 2H2O)

C. The “Hydrogen Highway” in Europe and California 20 Years Ago

C-1. By the early 2000’s, the governments of both Europe and California had constructed a network of hydrogen-fueling stations that permitted hydrogen-powered cars to travel vast distances.

C-2. Several manufacturers, such as BMW, sold standard models whose engines had been tweaked to run on hydrogen or, in the case of the BMW models, on either gasoline or hydrogen depending on availability at the moment/locality.

C-3. However, President Obama caused the U.S. to turn away from hydrogen as the solution to Global Warming and toward battery-based plug-in-electric vehicles. However, our current 4 million all-electric vehicles are a disaster because it has NOT been possible to eliminate from the grid America’s highest-polluting coal-fired electric-generation plants sufficient to power 4 million all-electric vehicles!!!

C-4. IN ALL FAIRNESS TO PRESIDENT OBAMA, it did NOT appear that “The Hydrogen Highway” would ever be practical because there was at that time no economical source for vast amounts of hydrogen fuel.

D. The New Possibility of Vast Amounts of Hydrogen Fuel

D-1. It involves injecting oxygen into the heavy oil, tar sands and coal that will react chemically with the heavy oil, tar sands or coal to release hydrogen which (because of its lightness) will float to the surface leaving behind the carbon trapped by hydrogen filters.

D-2. Per NASA, the earth’s atmosphere comprises 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and the remaining 1% various other gases (0.93% argon, 0.04% carbon dioxide and 0.04% other gases).

D-3. The human species is very sensitive to oxygen deprivation (per Wikipedia on Hypoxia, “When the oxygen level dips below 19.5% v/v, the air is considered oxygen-deficient …... oxygen concentrations below 16% volume are considered highly dangerous for humans”).

D-4. Nevertheless, it would appear from these statistics that ALL OF THE CARBON DIOXIDE IN THE EARTH’S ATMOSPHERE (4 one hundredths of 1%) could be eliminated by reducing the amount of oxygen from 21% to 20.96% without endangering the human species (though, of course, eliminating carbon dioxide completely would kill all plant life).

E. Is The New Hydrogen-Extraction Technology Economically Competitive???

E-1. Proton Technologies (an Alberta Canada corporation) owns the patents to the new technology.

E-2. Proton Technologies claims the new technology is economically competitive, though it is not clear whether this is vis-à-vis existing technology for producing hydrogen, or whether it is vis-à-vis the current world market price for oil & gas.

F. Three Cautionary True Tales

F-1. The website of Proton Energy Corp says that because the new technology is protected by patents which are owned by a corporation without any field operations or assets, the technology is “secure and well-defended world wide.”

F-2. HOWEVER, putting something in a corporation does NOT, ipso facto, protect it!!!

F-3. Unfortunately, “everything has its price” and no matter how pure have been the shareholder(s) heretofore, what is to prevent them from selling out???

F-3-a. Cautionary Tale No. 1 – Leonard da Vinci’s “Last Supper” which portrays Christ informing his 12 Disciples (11 of whom became Saints) that one of them would betray Him, and Judas does “sell out” for the proverbial “thirty pieces of silver”!!!

F-3-b. Cautionary Tale No. 2 – Bill Lear, one of the most famous inventors of the last century, decided after selling his Lear Jet Corporation (whose current model is a familiar sight at airports around the world) that he could achieve immortality by solving the air-pollution crisis with a steam engine that would fit in all of California’s State Highway Patrol Cars and in regular race cars with which he would win the Indy 500 -- but he apparently sold out to General Motors which killed the project, demonstrating that immortality had its price for selling out, even for Bill Lear.

F-3-c. Cautionary Tale No. 3 – Saudi Arabia which, since the early 1970’s, has set the world price for oil & gas and, since Saudi has long-lived oil & gas reserves, it has always set the world price low enough to kill any energy sources that might threaten the value of its long-lived reserves – if the new hydrogen-extraction technology constitutes such a threat, then presumably Saudi will want (just like General Motors and Bill Lear’s steam car) to buy the new technology in order to kill it.

G. Patents and The Public Interest

G-1. The purpose of granting patents is the “public interest” in providing an incentive to inventors in the form of a monopoly for a period of time – 20 years in the U.S.

G-2. Accordingly, as a matter of public policy, patents should be invalidated the moment they fall under the control of malefactors that want to kill the technology covered by the patents.

G-3. There is a “Patent Cooperation Treaty” (“PCT”) which has 192 country participants and which is administered by the United Nation’s World Intellectual Property Organization (“WIPO”) with headquarters in Geneva.

G-4. The advantage of the PCT and WIPO is that an inventor does NOT lose confidentiality with the first patent application filed in a particular country but is protected in all 192 participating countries from the moment that an application is filed with any of the 192 countries (the inventor still has to file with each of the 192 participating countries in which it wants patent protection – but it does NOT have to cope with the expense and logistics of filing all 192 (or how many ever it wants) country applications simultaneously).

H. Proposed Six-Degrees-Of-Separation E-mail Campaign

We take great pride in our Six-Degrees-Of-Separation E-mail campaigns to American or World decision makers which, with only a few computer keyboard key strokes, can be sent by each of our members (1) to the decision maker, and (2) to all of the member's friends and acquaintances requesting them to do the same in an unending chain.

[All 42 e-mail campaigns over our 14 years of existence are posted in the Section 1 of]

Many have been surprisingly effective because we have developed such a reputation that we are regularly quoted (without attribution) in the media and decision makers quickly learn about our campaigns even if there are junior interns on their staffs whose job is to trash all incoming e-mails.

It would be impractical to ask our 164 members to initiate an e-mail campaign to decision makers in 192 different countries.

HOWEVER, an e-mail campaign directed to ONLY TWO United Nations officials would be practical.

It is suggested that the two U.N. decision makers to receive our e-mails be (1) the Director General of WIPO, and (2) the Assistant UN Secretary-General who heads the UN’s New York Office of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) --

(1) to seek an amendment to the Patent Cooperation Treaty to treat as void any patent issued to, or acquired by, a malefactor who wants to kill the new technology; and

(2) to encourage each of the 192 PCT member countries to amend their own country patent laws to treat as void any patent issued to, or acquired by, a malefactor who wants to kill the new technology.

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