Minutes of the Thorium-Fission Working Group Meeting on the So-Called Inflation-Reduction Act of 2022

This section contains information about each of our so-called “Working Groups” that are currently underway.

During our 17 years of existence, we have had 5-6 so-called Working Groups whenever a particular policy issue (1) may require immediate action on the spur of the moment (rendering addressing it at the next regular monthly meeting impractical), and/or (2) may require long-term attention.

Recent examples in the second category (“long-term attention”) are

(1) Our 2016-2018 Working Group to oppose the Destruction/Extinction of Great Salt Lake to grow alfalfa hay to feed Chinese cows, and

(2) Our 2018-2019 Thorium-Fission Working Group to solve global warming 100% in short order WITHOUT having to invade other countries militarily (such as China to prevent it from bringing on stream another monster-size coal-fired electric-generation plant EVERY WEEK) when the only economic green-energy source is nuclear (which even Bill Gates recognizes) and it is 100% safe if the fuel is thorium which is incapable of exploding so it cannot be used to produce a bomb, and which does NOT even need cooling systems or containment chambers.

APPALLING example in the first (“short-fuse”) category --

The need for Working Groups in the first category was first recognized more than 12 years ago -- as described on the face of this bulletin board for Sec. 3 entitled “Possible Topics for Future Meetings” in the portion entitled “SHORT-FUSE NOTICE” describing, inter alia, the Yale University Biology Department’s creation of “Chimeras” with 50% human DNA and 50% Chimp DNA and PLANS TO CREATE “Chimeras” with 75% human DNA and 25% Chimp DNA.

Appallingly, this information was brought to our attention by a report on the PBS Newshour comprising an interview of a Yale Biology Prof. by Gwen Ifill, Co-Anchor and Managing Editor of the PBS NewsHour.

(1) “Appallingly” because Gwen Ifill who conducted the interview, was oblivious to the issue of the Nazi’s definition of a Jew based on the percentage of Jewish heritage and the Ante-Bellum American South’s definition of African-American based on the percentage of Sub-Saharan-African heritage.

(2) But, even more “appallingly,” Gwen Ifill failed to ask the obvious question = What happens if the 50%-50% “Chimaera” then already created happens to exhibit as DOMINANT TRAITS 100% Human DNA and as RECESSIVE TRAITS 100% Chimp DNA!!! Which, of course, would mean that Yale U. was treating as a lab rat a “Chimaera” that is 100% Human!!!

Gwen Ifill’s report of the Yale Biology Department’s Human/Chimp “Chimeras” was the topic of our 4/9/2008 meeting for which attendees were required to watch “The Island” – a 2005 movie starring Scarlett Johansson and Ewan McGregor who are clones of wealthy individuals who have financed the creation of their clones so that their vital organs can be “harvested” if the wealthy individuals ever need transplants. [“Harvesting” meant, of course, death for the clone!!!]

Chimera Reprise and Our “Short Fuse” Response -

Unfortunately, a Proposal from the National Institute of Health (NIH) regarding “Chimera” research appeared in The Federal Register of 8/5/2016 and had a 9/6/2016 deadline for public comments!!!

So our 9/14/2016 meeting, which was the first for which our focus had not already been determined as of 8/5/2016 under our normal rules, was too late.

We formed a “Short Fuse” Working Group and filed comments with the NIH before their 9/6/2016 deadline!!!
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Minutes of the Thorium-Fission Working Group Meeting on the So-Called Inflation-Reduction Act of 2022

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---------------------------- Original Message -----------------------------
Subject: Text of So-Called Inflation-Reduction Act of 2022 – ASAP Review
From: John Karls
Date: Mon, August 1, 2022 – 2:14 pm MDT
To: Members of the Revived Thorium-Fission Working Group

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your prompt review of the text of the So-Called Inflation-Reduction Act of 2022.

This will comprise the minutes of our meeting just concluded – if anyone has any corrections or additions, please advise.

Overall Comments

My e-mail of yesterday requesting an ASAP review of the text of the Act had said –

“Please hold for later any overall comments such as – (1) Whether the bill spends wisely the revenues it allegedly raises; (2) Whether the bill is ineffective because China and India, the world’s two larges carbon polluters, aren’t required to do anything significant under the Paris Climate Accord for decades and, indeed, China is bringing on stream a new monster-size coal-fired electric-generation plant every week; (3) Etc.”

We agreed in our meeting just concluded that --

(1) The bill does NOT spend wisely the revenues it allegedly raises for a plethora of reasons;
(2) The bill is ineffective vis-à-vis Global Warming (aka Climate Change) because of China and India; and
(3) The bill IS FRAUDULENT in claiming to reduce inflation since it “plays the standard Washington game” of taking into account 10 years’ worth of revenue gains WHILE ONLY PROVIDING THAT THE “GIVE-AWAYS” (which primarily take the form of income-tax credits) WILL ONLY LAST 3 YEARS – SECURE IN THE KNOWLEDGE THAT A FUTURE CONGRESS WILL PREVENT THEM FROM EXPIRING!!!

Simple math --

If the TOTAL “GIVE-AWAYS” (called “investments” in Washington-speak) of $433 billion are multiplied by 10/3 to calculate their 10-year total since they are virtually guaranteed not to expire after 3 years, the Total REAL “Give-Aways” should be $1.433 TRillion – for a Total Deficit INCREASE averaging $143 Billion/Year.

HOWEVER, after marveling briefly over how stupid our pols think “we-the-people” are, we agreed that this was NOT our fight.

Economic/Safe Thorium-Fission vs. Uneconomic Wind/Solar

My e-mail of yesterday requesting an ASAP review of the text of the Act had said –

“The subsidies for wind/solar permeate the Bill to such an extent that it is NOT worthwhile to catalog all of them.

“Unfortunately, the old Washington saying is true that once a subsidy is started, it is impossible to kill it.

“It is respectfully suggested that we confine our review of the bill to ascertain whether there are any provisions that help or hinder nuclear energy in general or thorium-fission in particular.

“If there are any that hinder, we can discuss what action to take – which, since we are now 'in extremis,' would probably mean importuning Senate Democrats who have supported Bill Gates’

“(1) Nuclear Energy Innovation and Modernization Act which became law 1/14/2019, and

“(2) Nuclear Energy Leadership Act of 2019 which was introduced 3/27/2019 but did not pass the Senate 2019-2020 despite 22 co-sponsors including 9 Democrats – Cory Booker (NJ), Joe Manchin (WVa), Sheldon Whitehouse (RI), Christopher Coons (Del), Tammy Dickworth (Illinois), Michael Bennet (CO), Doug Jones (Ala), Benjamin Cardin (MD), and Mark Warner (Va).”

There are many “give aways” for specific Democratic-Party constituents, such as poor communities and Native-American Tribes.

None of us were able to find any provisions that dealt with thorium-fission per se.

As usual, the major “give aways” related to Internal Revenue Code Sec. 45 and IRC Sec. 45J which provide income-tax credits for electricity generated from “green” fuels.

Re nuclear –

(1) Existing IRC Sec. 45J already provided a credit of 1.8 cents per kilowatt hour for some nuclear electric-generation facilities placed in service after 8/8/2005 and before 1/1/2021.

(2) Sec. 13105 of the so-called Inflation-Reduction Bill creates a brand-new Internal Revenue Code section (sec. 45U) which provides a credit of 3 cents per kilowatt hour for nuclear electric-generation facilities that did NOT qualify for the existing Sec. 45J credit AND ARE PLACED IN SERVICE BEFORE THE ENACTMENT OF THE SO-CALLED INFLATION-REDUCTION BILL.

Re wind and solar and other non-nuclear “green” fuels –

(1) Existing IRC Sec. 45 already provided a credit for electric-generation facilities using non-nuclear “green” fuels and for which construction began before 1/1/2022.

(2) Sec. 13105 increases the credit to 3 cents per kilowatt hour and Sec. 13101 EXTENDS IT TO FACILTIES WHOSE CONSTRUCTION BEGINS BEFORE 1/1/2025.

Obviously, the so-called Inflation-Reduction Bill –

(1) Provides a credit of 3 cents per kilowatt hour for non-nuclear "green" energy sources for at least another 3 years and, presumably, into perpetuity IAW the Washington rule that “give aways” never terminate.

(2) Cuts off the credit for any new nuclear facilities – as probably the only exception to the Washington rule that “give aways” never terminate.

Our Conclusion

We agreed that it is probably too late to defeat the so-called Inflation-Reduction Bill based solely on the DAMAGE IT DOES TO THE AMERICAN ECONOMY VIS-À-VIS CHINA ET AL. because of its discrimination against American nuclear power.

We did consider sending FedEx letters to the 9 Democrat Senators who supported the Nuclear Energy Leadership Act of 2019 whose names were listed in my e-mail of yesterday (as quoted above).

Any of them could easily defeat the bill without appearing to break ranks with a simple “sick out” – claiming to be quarantining after a non-existent positive COVID test since the Senate (unlike the House) does NOT have remote voting.

Nevertheless, we decided NOT to “die on this hill” but concentrate our efforts on the suggested target of the proposal to revive our Working Group (please see viewtopic.php?f=619&t=2221&sid=ca991f67 ... 173b5bcd92) of concentrating on “Republican Senators/Congress-persons who might support, if they assume power following the mid-terms, ‘turning the ship around’ from wind/solar to nuclear.”

Thank you again for your prompt review of the text of the So-Called Inflation-Reduction Act of 2022.

And please let me know if you have any corrections or additions.

Respectfully submitted,

John Karls

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