Pinker Ignores United Nations 20-Year War on Sex Trafficking

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Pinker Ignores United Nations 20-Year War on Sex Trafficking

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Pinker Ignores United Nations 20-Year War on Sex Trafficking

What is Steven Pinker’s excuse for ignoring in his “Enlightenment Now” the famous Enlightenment philosopher Voltaire’s 1759 satire “Candide” which constantly had the title character proclaiming that “this is the best of all possible worlds”???

After all, “Candide” was made into a 1956 Broadway hit musical featuring a score by Leonard Bernstein – with major Broadway revivals in 1973 and 1989 plus numerous productions around the world.

Isn’t Steven Pinker just like “Candide” in closing his eyes to anything unpleasant???

One of the most GLARING EXAMPLES of Steven Pinker “turning a blind eye” is his ignoring the United Nations’ 20-year War on Sex Trafficking!!!

As we learned for our 9/18/2019 meeting on that subject –

There are more slaves today than ever throughout history!!!

Indeed, at least TWICE AS MANY people are CURRENTLY TRAPPED in some form of slavery as were traded throughout the 350 years of the transatlantic slave industry!!!

Sex Trafficking is a LARGER business for Organized Crime than illegal drugs!!!

And LARGER than illegal guns!!!

And virtually all of the slaves come from refugee camps where they are easily enticed by the false promise of a better life!!!

Indeed, the retail price of a slave delivered in the U.S. is only $5,250 as a result of which the average price of a sex act is only $27.50 which has unleashed incredible demand!!!

And the average sex slave performs 3,296 sex acts per year for $90,648 of gross income which means that the net return after expenses (meals, bribery of officials, etc.) is an ANNUAL net profit of MANY TIMES the initial investment – with no workforce training!!!

Of course, you can use your slave for anything you want including working in your vineyard or on your farm under whatever inhumane working conditions you like and, of course, for no remuneration other than enough calories to keep the slave alive!!!


Is it any wonder that the average sex slave is dead by age 35???

More details are available in the materials for our 9/18/2019 meeting –

• The discussion outline at viewtopic.php?f=555&t=1823&sid=49b9a4fb ... ace1030db5;
• The suggested answers to the third short quiz relating to sex trafficking INTO the United States at viewtopic.php?f=554&t=1816; and
• The suggested answers to the fourth short quiz relating to sex trafficking WITHIN the United States at viewtopic.php?f=554&t=1821.

As recorded in Section G of the discussion outline (the first immediately-preceding cross-link), our 9/18/2019 topic faced UNIVERSAL INDIFFERENCE from a wide variety of organizations and their members that/who are traditionally liberal in conventional political terms.

So is it any wonder that Steven Pinker has also “turned a blind eye” to this issue???

Steven Pinker is an ENABLER of America “turning a blind” eye to unpleasantries by CHERRY PICKING ways in which the human condition has improved, while pretending that such things as MODERN-DAY SLAVERY do not exist!!!

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