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Suggested Discussion Outline

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The following outline is respectfully suggested –

Section A: Comments About Prof. Dershowitz’ “Cancel Culture: The Latest Attack on Free Speech and Due Process”

Our tradition is to devote the first portion of each monthly meeting to going through the focus book, chapter by chapter, to invite important comments that are specific to a particular chapter. After all, each participant (except, perhaps, “first timers”) have taken the time to read the focus book and her/his opportunity to opine on anything in the focus book should NOT be denied.


Chapter 1: Cancelling Freedom of Speech For Thee, But Not for Me!

Chapter 2: Cancelling Due Process and Weaponizing Criminal “Justice”

Chapter 3: Cancel Culture Court

Chapter 4: The Effect of Cancel Culture Rewriting History and Reality

Chapter 5: Cancelling Meritocracy

Chapter 6: Cancel Culture Cancels Israel

Chapter 7: Cancelling Anti-Semitism in Black Lives Matter Platform

Chapter 8: Cancelling The Bible, Which Commands Personal Justice, Not the Double Standard of “Identity Justice”

Chapter 9: Cancelling Evidence, Science, and the Constitution: Arguments against Vaccines

Chapter 10: Cancelling Elections

Chapter 11: Could a President Cancel Due Process by Declaring Martial Law?

Chapter 12: What It Feels Like to Be Falsely Cancelled


Appendix I: A List of Cancelled Speakers

Appendix II: A Letter on Justice and Open Debate, from Harper’s Magazine

Appendix III: What Has Been Cancelled: A Brief Résumé of My Life and Achievements

Section B: Cancel Culture’s Attempt to Prevent Our Focusing on Prof. Dershowitz’ “Cancel Culture: The Latest Attack on Free Speech and Due Process”

Details on this issue are set forth in our website posting entitled “Big Tech’s New Attempt To Cancel Our Prof. Dershowitz Focus” including two so-called “replies” entitled “Civil and Criminal Liability of Corporations” which are available at viewtopic.php?f=634&t=2045&sid=25707ca3 ... 5831d336f5.

In summary --

1. Century Link (the largest provider of telephone/internet/etc. services west of the Mississippi) unlawfully terminated our internet services pre-dawn on March 25.

2. Their excuse did not hold water – that an alleged imposter whom they did NOT authenticate claimed my modem was not working when Century Link could easily have ascertained that it was working; that the alleged imposter then allegedly cancelled my internet service when he was allegedly made an offer to PURCHASE a NEW modem when Century Link could easily have seen from their records that they had sold me a new top-of-the-line modem for $200 only SIX MONTHS EARLIER on 9/14/2020 AND IT WAS STILL UNDER WARRANTY!!!

3. I implored Century Link on March 25 since they admitted they had “flicked off the switch” in their offices a few hours earlier, that they restore my service by “flicking the switch back on.”

4. They insisted that the internet service could only be restored by sending out a technician to my ski house and none would be available for at least 6 days.

5. After 8 days of delay which required the loss of 5 ski days and countless cell phone hours spent “on hold,” a technician finally did appear the evening of April 1 (while I had been “on hold” for 35 minutes to complain that he had failed, once again, to appear) – AND THE TECHNICIAN CONFIRMED THAT CENTURY LINK COULD HAVE RESTORED THE SERVICE 8 DAYS EARLIER BY SIMPLY “FLICKING THE SWITCH BACK ON” IN THEIR OFFICES!!!

Section C: Big Tech’s Attempt to Cancel Reading Liberally – FISA and Authoritarian Rule by Our Intelligence Services

Details on this issue are set forth in the Suggested Answers to the Short Quiz available at viewtopic.php?f=634&t=2044&sid=284244a0 ... da451a0c12.

A brief outline of that material --

A. Whom Big Tech Was Cancelling Indirectly

1. Tim Russert the Moderator of Meet the Press 1991-2008 and the NBC’s Washington Bureau Chief 1990-2008;

2. Tom Brokaw the Anchor and Managing Editor of the NBC Nightly News 1982-2004;

3. Graham Allison the Founding Dean of Harvard U’s Kennedy School of Government 1977-1989 and (after serving as President Clinton’s Assistant Secretary of Defense for Policy and Plans 1993-1994) the Director of Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs 1995-2017;

4. U.S. Senator Sam Nunn - D-GA and Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman 1987-1995;

5. U.S. Senator Richard Lugar - R-IN and Senate Foreign Relations Chairman 2003-2007;

6. Thomas Kean - Chair of The 9/11 Commission; and

7. Lee Hamilton - Co-Chair of The 9/11 Commission.

B. The Issue Russert/Brokaw/Allison/Nunn/Lugar/Kean/Hamilton Were Addressing

Osama bin Laden’s first of five fatwās claims a martyr and 70 close relatives will by-pass The Truly-Fearsome Judgment Day which every good Muslim believes will determine whether s/he will spend eternity in fire and brimstone.

Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said exactly the same thing.

This belief appears to be the reason why news footage usually depicts relatives of martyrs rejoicing rather than mourning.

Another of Osama bin Laden’s five fatwās require each of his followers to nuke 10 million Americans.

A fatwā is the solemn religious duty of every follower of the issuer [in the case of Osama, every member of Al Qaeda, ISIS (formerly Al Qaeda in Iraq), Al Qaeda in the Maghreb (North Africa), al-Shabbaab (Somalia, Kenya and Yemen), etc., etc.].

It is IMPOSSIBLE TO REVOKE OSAMA BIN LADEN’S FATWĀ TO NUKE 10 MILLION AMERICANS now that Osama is dead (a principle the Brits learned in 1989 when trying to re-establish diplomatic relations with Iran following the death of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini during the course of which The Brits requested the revocation of Khomeini’s fatwā to assassinate Salman Rushdie, author of The Satanic Verses).

C. The Russert/Brokaw/Allison/Nunn/Lugar/Kean/Hamilton Solution vs. Congress’ Defiance

Their solution, set forth in Graham Allison’s “Nuclear Terrorism: The Ultimate Preventable Catastrophe” (Times Books 8/9/2004), was that the only way to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists while preserving democracy would be to control the world’s fissile material the way America used to control its gold at Fort Knox.

Instead, the US Government (WITH THE COMPLICITY OF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA) decided to deal with Osama’s fatwā to nuke 10 million Americans by VASTLY INCREASING THE POWERS UNDER THE FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE SURVEILLANCE ACT (“FISA”) to spy on everyone, INCLUDING AMERICANS WITHOUT any warrant from a FISA Court provided that either the Attorney General or the Director of National Intelligence declared an “emergency” pursuant to FISA Sec. 702(c).

D. Our Four Studies of Various Ramifications of Congress’ Defiance of the Russert/Brokaw/Allison/Nunn/Lugar/Kean/Hamilton Solution

Our 5/10/2017 meeting focusing on FISA and “Authoritarian Rule by Our Intelligence Services” (focus book George Orwell’s classic “1984”).

Our 12/13/2017 meeting focusing on the Congressional renewal of FISA which would have expired in toto if not extended (focus book Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s “Heretic: Why Islam Needs A Reformation Now”).

Our 5/16/2018 meeting focusing on, inter alia, the zillions of FISA abuses that had occurred (such as unmaskings of American citizens who had been surveilled without warrants) – NB: More than 100 American citizens even unmasked by Samantha Power, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations who obviously did NOT have a need to know such information.

Our 10/31/2018 meeting focusing on the FISA abuses employed by our Intelligence Services against President Trump during the Russia Hoax – NB: The Russia Hoax was definitively debunked by the Mueller investigation.

E. The Attempts By Big Tech To CANCEL Reading Liberally

1. How we first discovered that Big Tech was censoring/cancelling us by refusing to deliver our weekly e-mails -- please see ““The Canary In The Coal Mine” available as part of viewtopic.php?f=547&t=1793&p=2480&hilit ... b185#p2480).

2. How we concluded that our studies of “FISA and Authoritarian Rule by Our Intelligence Services” was the reason Big Tech was refusing to deliver our weekly e-mails – please see ““My Theory Based On Timing” available as part of viewtopic.php?f=547&t=1793&p=2480&hilit ... b185#p2480.

3. Our creating a big stink on the basis that e-mail has effectively supplanted the US Postal Service and it is a MAJOR-LEAGUE FELONY for US postal workers to steam open and read letters in order to decide whether they want to deliver them.

4. Big Tech continues to refuse to deliver our e-mails if they are sent out in batches, but our “big stink” appears to have prevented them from having the gall to refuse to deliver our e-mails that are sent out one-by-one, including our weekly e-mails which are sent to our 193 members one by one.

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