Pre-Meeting Exchange of Views on the Discussion Outline

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Pre-Meeting Exchange of Views on the Discussion Outline

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Subject: Re: Updated CREDO Stanford Reports on Charter Schools + Notes
From: Anonymous Member A
Date: Sun, October 10, 2021 4:04 pm EDT
To: Anonymous Members B and C
Cc: Anonymous Member D and

Dear Anonymous Members B and C,

For your information: Anonymous Member D has reviewed some of the Stanford University CREDO reports described in “Stanford: The Gold Standard For Measuring School Performance” which is available at viewtopic.php?f=658&t=2116&sid=172a4a02 ... 01bfc3a011.

Of particular interest is the 2017 NYC report. The parents of the NYC charter school students believe that those charter schools benefit their children.

Charter schools are not perfect. They are improving.

Perhaps IHAD would provide a perfect solution, but it's not currently available for more than a few thousand students. Charter schools reach many thousands more students today. Where is the conflict?

Do not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Anonymous Member A

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Subject: Re: Re: Updated CREDO Stanford Reports on Charter Schools + Notes
Date: Mon, October 11, 2021 7:47 am MDT
To: Anonymous Member A
Cc: Anonymous Members B, C and D

Dear Anonymous Member A,

It would appear you thought your Q "Where is the conflict?" was rhetorical.

At least you agree that IHAD will transform the lives of ALL students - not just Sowell's few!!!

And as you know, PRIVATE funds were available to provide IHAD- or IHAD-style programs for 10 million inner-city children, but Sections 4 and 5 of entitled "Inner-City Holocaust and America's Apartheid 'Justice' System (In Honor of Jonathan Kozol and In Memory of John Howard Griffin)" document the sad story of "The Segregated Toilet" - the terminology of the 51 inner-city clergy who were supporting the effort which they used to describe how American courts trash lawsuits benefiting the disadvantaged without disturbing the rights of FIRST-CLASS American citizens.

BTW, I was NOT aware that there were any IHAD programs in our inner-cities after the 1990's.

Though we have a Six-Degrees-Of-Separation E-mail Campaign urging Joe Biden to provide IHAD-style programs for ALL of the children of America, including details on how this could be accomplished - you will recall that you and Anonymous Member B* both approved this campaign (details at viewtopic.php?f=23&t=1925&sid=172a4a02d ... 01bfc3a011).

[* Anonymous Members C and D had not joined our organization as of the date of this e-mail campaign.]

Yes, it is true that a few charter schools, with all of their advantages, manage to perform as well as public schools.

But "cherry picking" those few charter schools the way Sowell did is not an excuse for his MORAL BANKRUPTCY of condemning the majority of inner-city children who, he ERRONEOUSLY claims, are irredeemable.

So I agree with the first half of your final sentence admitting that IHAD-style programs are "perfect."

But profoundly disagree with the last half of that sentence claiming that charter schools are "the good" when it comes to saving inner-city children.

BTW, I do think that charter schools are "good" for countering the shenanigans of the teachers’ unions (please see the last Section G of the Suggested Discussion Outline available at viewtopic.php?f=661&t=2117&sid=172a4a02 ... 01bfc3a011).

And I do think that charter schools are "good" for countering the shenanigans of School Boards and the shenanigans of Merrick Garland's so-called “Justice” Dept.

Thank you for your comments.

So that they (and my response) can be considered by other members who are considering whether to participate this Wed Oct 13, I will post them on the bulletin board but coming from an anonymous source (unless you are willing to have your name attached).

Your friend,

John K.

PS - You might have noticed that the number of our members has declined from 198 to 196 in the last week or so. The members who resigned are both public-school teachers.

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