Official Text of the Guarantee of Ukraine's Independence & Territorial Integrity - Filed With the United Nations

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MARCH 16 TOPIC – America’s 12/5/1994 Written & Signed Agreement That If Ukraine Surrendered Its 1,900 Missiles Containing Multiple-Nuclear-Warheads, America Would Guarantee The Independence And Territorial Integrity Of Ukraine

The Original Proposal is available at viewtopic.php?f=679&t=2157&sid=79edc08c ... 6b8839c0fa.

NB: There are two so-called replies to the original proposal that can be accessed by scrolling down from the Original Proposal. They can also be accessed directly –

(1) “Winston Churchill, Appeasement and The 1994 U.S. Guarantee of Ukraine’s Independence & Territory” at viewtopic.php?f=679&t=2157&p=2930&hilit ... c0fa#p2930; and

(2) “Authority For The 1,900 Ukrainian Nuclear Missiles Statistic” at viewtopic.php?f=679&t=2157&p=2931&hilit ... c0fa#p2931.


The Original Proposal begins –

“On occasion, we are forced to focus on a topic that neither the news media nor book publishers are willing to let ‘see the light of day.’ And America’s refusal to honor its commitment to Ukraine has grave implications for nuclear proliferation….. propose we focus on [America’s Signed Guarantee of Ukraine Independence/Territory If It Would Surrender Its 1,900 Nuclear Missiles] and its implications for nuclear proliferation. Using such materials as can be gleaned from the public record to piece together the frightening picture.”

During the next week, please read the Original Proposal and its two so-called replies.

And the transcript of Tim Russert’s 5/29/2005 “Meet The Press” interview of Former Sen. Sam Nunn (D-Ga and long-time Chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee), Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN and long-time Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee), Thomas Kean & Lee Hamilton (Ch & Vice Ch of The 9/11 Commission), and Former Sen. Fred Thompson (R-TN) – ON THE SUBJECT OF OSAMA BIN LADEN’S FATWĀ TO NUKE 10 MILION AMERICANS.

[The transcript is discussed at length in the second so-called reply which contains a link to the transcript itself.]

Then please post any comments or questions in “Participant Comments.”

Or any articles, documents, etc., you think are noteworthy in “Reference Materials.”

Next week’s Short Quiz will take both into account.

Reading (1) the Original Proposal (including its two so-called replies), (2) the 5/29/2005 Meet The Press Transcript, and (3) the Short Quiz and Suggested Answers – will comprise this month’s reading assignment.

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Official Text of the Guarantee of Ukraine's Independence & Territorial Integrity - Filed With the United Nations

Post by johnkarls »

Here is the official text of the guarantee - as filed with the United Nations on 12/19/1994.

NB: Do NOT be fooled by the first page which is a transmittal dated 12/7/1994!!!

[The actual guarantee is pp. 2-4.]

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