Our author’s last of five chapters on Malcolm X and Islam -- and today’s assassination attempt against Salman Rushdie

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Our author’s last of five chapters on Malcolm X and Islam -- and today’s assassination attempt against Salman Rushdie

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The Suggested Discussion Outline posted yesterday morning had allotted 50 minutes (Sec. B) to discussing 9 questions from this month’s Short Quiz for which the suggested answer was “What Do You Think??? Let’s Discuss!!!”

And discussing the 26th and final question of our Short Quiz for our 9/9/2020 meeting two years ago for which the same suggested answer was suggested and for which no consensus was reached at that meeting –

“Would Black America have been much better off abandoning MLK’s Christianity and embracing the Islam of Malcolm X?”

The Militancy of Islam

Over the years we have focused, inter alia, on two books by Ayaan Hirsi Ali - “Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now” for our 12/13/2017 meeting, and “Infidel” for our 6/11/2008 meeting.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali was born in 1969 in Somalia and raised in 4 Muslim cultures in Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia and Kenya. After genital mutilation, etc., she fled to Holland to escape an arranged marriage.

After university in Holland, Hirsi Ali became a leader of a new political party protesting Holland’s supposed “liberal” policy of permitting the free practice of religion in general, and Islam in particular -- especially with regard to its non-liberal treatment of women including HONOR KILLINGS ON DUTCH SOIL.

[Quite a few countries in the European Union follow the practice of letting Islamic communities, in effect, SECEDE FROM THEIR HOST COUNTRIES AND FROM THE EUROPEAN UNION -- by letting such communities be ruled by Islamic Law enforced by Islamic Courts, utterly UNINFLUENCED by the laws of the host country.]

Although Hirsi Ali's new party swept to power, its leader Pym Fortuyn was assassinated two weeks before the election by Radical Muslims. Famous Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh was also assassinated by Radical Muslims because he had made a documentary film about Hirsi Ali and her political views. Stabbed to Theo van Gogh’s chest was a letter to Hirsi Ali that said in effect “you’re next.” As a result, Hirsi Ali fled in 2004 to the U.S. into the equivalent of the “witness protection program.”

[For Hirsi Ali, the equivalent of the "witness protection program" was joining the faculty of Harvard's Kennedy School of Government where she met Prof. Niall Ferguson whom she married in 2011 - they have one child, a son, Thomas Ferguson.]

BTW, Hirsi Ali claimed in both “Heretic” and “Infidel” NEVER to have left the Islamic faith, contrary to the claims of her political opponents (and, BTW, Wikipedia).

Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s “Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now” (our 12/13/2017 focus book) explained that the heart of Islam is “World Conquest as the result of VIOLENT Holy War” and that the Quranic “peace verses” always cited by Islamic apologists come from the Prophet Muhammad’s Mecca period during which he and Islam were floundering, while the “Sword Verses” come from Muhammad’s later Medina period when Muhammad and Islam were flourishing as a result of military conquests, many of which Muhammad led personally.

And Hirsi Ali further explained in “Heretic” that all 4 main schools of Islamic Jurisprudence and all 25 approved Islamic interpretations of the Quran agree in general that any statements in the Quran that are inconsistent with later Quranic statements ARE ABROGATED and, in particular, the “peace verses” cited by the Islam apologists ARE ABROGATED by the “Sword Verses.”

The Meaning and Implications of a Fatwā

We have studied this many times, beginning with the Harvard U. Kennedy School of Government Founding Dean, Graham Allison, and his “Nuclear Terrorism: The Ultimate Preventable Catastrophe” about Osama bin Laden’s fatwā to nuke 4 million Americans.

BTW, Osama had increased his fatwā to nuke 10 million Americans by 5/29/2005 when Tim Russert discussed Dean Allison’s proposal on “Meet The Press” with Former Sen. Sam Nunn (D-Ga and long-time chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee), Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN and long-time Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee), Thomas Kean & Lee Hamilton (Ch & Vice Ch of The 9/11 Commission), and Former Sen. Fred Thompson (R-TN).

The 5/29/2005 “Meet The Press” transcript is available at viewtopic.php?f=25&t=166&p=212&hilit=uk ... 64282#p212.

Some essentials –

(1) A fatwā can be issued by anyone who qualifies as a Muslim cleric.

(2) A fatwā is a solemn command whose execution is the highest religious obligation of every follower of the cleric who issued it.

(3) A fatwā can ONLY be revoked by the issuer of the fatwā.

(4) Accordingly, once the issuer has died or been killed, the fatwā can NOT be revoked.

BTW, as we studied on many occasions, Osama’s fatwā to nuke 10 million Americans can NOT be revoked following Obama’s assassination of him – AND NUKING 10 MILLION AMERICANS REMAINS THE HIGHEST RELIGIOUS OBLIGATION OF EVERY MEMBER OF AL QAEDA, ISIS (formerly Al Qaeda in Iraq), etc., etc.

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s Fatwā To Kill Salman Rushdie

This is also an illustration of the principle that only the issuer of a fatwā can revoke it.

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini was the first Supreme Leader of Iran from 1979 until his death 6/3/1989.

On 2/14/1989, Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwā calling on all of his followers to assassinate Salman Rushdie because Ayatollah Khomeini viewed Rushdie’s “Satanic Verses” as blasphemous to Islam, the Prophet Muhammad and the Qur’an.

Following Ayatollah Khomeini’s death, the U.K. attempted to re-establish diplomatic relations with Iran.

During the course of negotiations, the U.K. (where Salman Rushdie had obtained political asylum) requested the fatwā to assassinate Rushdie be revoked.

New Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei informed the Brits that only the issuer of a fatwā can revoke it.

The Brits caved after the Iranians promised not to continue publicizing the fatwā at every opportunity.

Apparently, the person who stabbed Salman Rushdie in the throat and abdomen this morning in Chautauqua NY did NOT forget the fatwā.

Per the NY Times 33 minutes ago, Salman Rushdie is still in surgery with the outcome unsure.

Per CNN 57 minutes ago, the attacker was Hadi Matar of Fairview, NJ.

Let us pray that Salman Rushdie survives!!!

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