Suggested Discussion Outline

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Suggested Discussion Outline

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The following outline is respectfully suggested –

A. Comments About Specific Chapters of “Future Peace” – 60 minutes

Our tradition is to devote the first portion of each monthly meeting to going through the focus book, chapter by chapter, to invite important comments that are specific to a particular chapter. After all, each participant (except, perhaps, “first timers”) have taken the time to read the focus book and her/his opportunity to opine on anything in the focus book should NOT be denied.



Chapter 1 – A Giant Armed Forces Nervous System

Chapter 2 – Urges to Violence

Chapter 3 – Stumbling into War

Chapter 4 – Avoiding War


B. Discussion Issues – 50 minutes

The following Suggested Answers to this month’s Short Quiz (viewtopic.php?f=727&t=2303&sid=0cff0a61 ... 2ead48f636) said, either actually or in effect – “What Do You Think??? Let’s Discuss!!!”


In addition, many of the other Q&A’s are thought provoking, so please don’t be shy about tabling any of the others for discussion.

C. Proposed Six-Degree-Of-Separation E-mail Campaign(s) – 10 minutes

None by Yours Truly

Anyone else??? [Please don’t be dissuaded by the prospect of 10 minutes to socialize if there are no proposals!!!]

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