Suggested Discussion Outline

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Suggested Discussion Outline

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The following outline is respectfully suggested –

A. Comments About Specific Chapters of “When Race Trumps Merit” – 60 minutes

Our tradition is to devote the first portion of each monthly meeting to going through the focus book, chapter by chapter, to invite important comments that are specific to a particular chapter. After all, each participant (except, perhaps, “first timers”) have taken the time to read the focus book and her/his opportunity to opine on anything in the focus book should NOT be denied.

HOWEVER, our total meeting time of 120 minutes should prove a SEVERE constraint, so please be sure your comments really are important.

IN ADDITION, since there are 18 chapters plus an Into, Overview and Conclusion, which would mean less than 3 minutes/chapter, it is respectfully suggested that we divide the time BY PART (vs. chapter) as follows --

Part I – 15 minutes

Introduction – A Cultural Revolution
Overview – The Bias Fallacy
Chapter 1 – Medicine’s Racial Reckoning
Chapter 2 – How ‘Diversity’ Subverts Science

Part II – 30 minutes

Chapter 3 – The Crusade Against Classical Music
Chapter 4 – Scapegoats and the Rise of Mediocrity
Chapter 5 – Making Beethoven Woke
Chapter 6 – Can Opera Survive the Culture Wars
Chapter 7 – The Revolution Comes to Juilliard
Chapter 8 – The Swamping of Swan Lake
Chapter 9 – The Demise of the Docent
Chapter 10 – Museums Apologize for Art
Chapter 11 – An Art Museum Cancels Art
Chapter 12 – Abstainers

Part III – 15 minutes

Chapter 13 – A New Crime Wave
Chapter 14 – The Road to Anarchy
Chapter 15 – On Double Standards
Chapter 16 – A Grim – and Ignored – Body Count
Chapter 17 – Mass Shootings, Hate Crimes, and Race
Chapter 18 – The Chauvin Trial and Its Aftermath
Conclusion – Saving Meritocracy, Saving Civilization

B. Discussion Issues – 50 minutes

Part I – 25 minutes

The following Suggested Answers to this month’s Short Quiz (viewtopic.php?f=752&t=2379&sid=b19b0e5d ... 9ffe81982f) said – “What Do You Think??? Let’s Discuss!!!”

Q&A – B-4
Q&A – B-5
Q&A – C-8
Q&A – D-1
Q&A – D-2
Q&A – D-3
Q&A – D-4

Part II – 15 minutes

Our Focus Book – A Racist Diatribe??? (viewtopic.php?f=752&t=2381&sid=b19b0e5d ... 9ffe81982f)

The “Christian America” Reference (viewtopic.php?f=752&t=2381&p=3196&hilit ... 982f#p3196)

Part III – 10 minutes

Our Author’s Irritating Sloppiness/Falsehoods – For example, re Kathleen Battle (viewtopic.php?f=752&t=2382&sid=b19b0e5d ... 9ffe81982f)

William Warfield and Simon Estes (viewtopic.php?f=752&t=2382&p=3198&hilit ... 982f#p3198)

C. Proposed Six-Degree-Of-Separation E-mail Campaign(s) – 10 minutes

None by Yours Truly.

If anyone else would like to propose one, please post it at least 24 hours in advance in this section of the website – “Discussion Outline.”

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